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involves california's proposition 8. that proposition bannedded same sex marriage in california. >> brown: wading into an area where states are voting all the time on. >> absolutely. railroad referendums on a number of state ballots involving same sex marriage. >> brown: just a couple of other cases we might see. civil rights. voting rights act of 1965. >> yes. there are challenges to what is considered the crown jewel of the civil rights movement. section 5 of the 1965 voting rights act requires jurisdictions that have a history of past discrimination in voting to get pre-approval from the justice department or a federal court in washington whenever they make changes in their voting practices. that secon... that section is bg challenged in two cases although the court hasn't said it would review them. also we may see section 5 being challenged in cases involving voter i.d. laws. as you know the justice department has filed a number of suits in states that have enactd voter identification laws. >> brown: all right. now, when we last talkd, things ended with tension, with questions about t
. >> woodruff: all of this played out as the president himself was in southern california. he declared the home of the late farm workers' union leader caesar chavez a national landmark. he also held fund-raisers in los angeles and san francisco. his campaign and the democratic national committee raised $181 million in september, the most for any month this year. but money aside, it appears romney's performance in last week's highly watched debate has improved his standing in the race. a new gallup tracking poll found the candidates in a dead heat, each receiving 47% among registered voters. the president had held a five-point advantage before the debate. and the pew research center showed romney coming from eight points down to four points ahead among likely voters. there were also signs that he's regained ground in several battle ground states. all of which raises the stakes for this thursday'sen counter between vice president joe biden and vice president shall candidate paul ryan. a debate that will cover both domestic and foreign policy. for more on all this for more on all of this and the d
, based in california, surveyed more than 1,000 public and private non- profit, four-year colleges. it also cited studies showing that more than one-third of recent graduates have jobs that do not require a college degree at all. indeed, in tuesday's presidential debate, republican mitt romney pointed to her research that the disparity between jobs and degrees is even worse. >> we have to make sure that we make it easier for kids to afford college and also make sure that when they get out of college, there's a job. with half of college kids graduating this year without a college-- or excuse me, without a job and without a college- level job, that's just unacceptable. and likewise, you got more and more debt on your back. so more debt and less jobs. >> woodruff: in fact, student loan debt now outpaces credit card debt in the united states and by some measures, exceeds $1 trillion. and in a new "time" magazine poll-- conducted with the carnegie corporation-- 80% of those surveyed said many colleges are simply not worth the cost. 89% said higher education is in crisis. president obama
, and ohio as well as burbank california for an appearance on the tonight show. >> woodruff: for more on last night >> woodruff: for more on last night's debate, we turn again to two experts on foreign policy- richard haas, president of the council on foreign relations. he's in chicago. and in boston, former u.s. diplomat nicholas burns, now with the kennedy school of government at harvard university. welcome to you both. let me just ask you to start broadly speaking. what do we take away from last night's debate in terms of how well these two candidates understand american foreign policy and would be a good steward of it? let me start with you. nick burns. >> well, judy, this may sound startling to say in our present red-blue divided partisan environment but i think we have two impressive people running for president. they're both knowledgeable. they're both very smart about the issues. both of them have been successful in nearly everything they've tried in their professional lives. president obama was clearly the more knowledgeable and nuanced and even some's ticketed in the way he describe
assessments. and today two republican congressmen, oversight committee chairman darrell issa of california and jays leveled new allegations. in a letter to secretary of state clinton, they charged washington rejected multiple requests for security improvements at been gas emission. they base their assertions on unidentified sources described as multiple u.s. federal government officials. the state department spokeswoman said the secretary would respond in writing this very day. >> her response is going to be relatively succinct today, as i said, expressing her complete commitment to work with the congress to get fully to the bottom of this. but i don't anticipate she'll be able to answer the specific questions today >> warner: the two congressmen say their committee will hold a hearing next wednesday on the libya attack. meanwhile the f.b.i. has sent a team to libya to determine just what happened. and secretary clinton named a review board to assess security arrangements at that u.s. consulate and others. and while the investigations proceed, the "new york times" reported today that the p
of california, say those policies have not worked. the u.s. supreme court tackles the issue again next week. wall street managed only modest gains today. the dow jones industrial average was up 12 points to close at 13,494. the nasdaq rose 15 points to close at 3135. but the price of oil fell sharply in new york, to $88 a barrel, amid new signs of slowing growth in china. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to gwen. >> ifill: the week's not even halfway over and it's been an ugly one for american airlines, as it faces growing questions about its flights, its labor problems and its very future. these are turbulent times for the nation's third-largest passenger airline. in just the last few weeks, american airlines has delayed or canceled hundreds of flights. american accused pilots of conducting an illegal work slowdown over a bitter contract dispute. the pilots' union denied it. but on top of that, three flights were grounded after rows of seats came loose. that's a tiny fraction of american's daily schedule, but the problem grabbed national attention. one passenger, who di
, the dow gained more than 1%; the nasdaq was up just over half a percent. gas prices in california spiked overnight, in some places by as much as 20 cents a gallon. the average price of regular gas reached nearly $4.49 a gallon, the highest in the nation. overnight, long lines were seen all over the state as people rushed to fill up before another increase. demand was so high that some costco stations and others ran out and shut down. refinery outages and pipeline problems have contributed to the price hikes. doctors and clinics in 23 states are trying to alert hundreds of patients, and maybe thousands, who could be at risk for fungal meningitis. they may have received contaminated steroid injections for back pain. so far, at least 47 people have been infected in seven states-- indiana, michigan, tennessee, virginia, maryland, florida, and north carolina. five people have died. officials at the center for disease control and prevention in atlanta say a concerted effort is underway. >> they are working with state and local health departments to contact patients who may have received inject
at the university of california at berkeley. charles laughlin, i want to start with you. tell us about his work, about his themes. what's he writing about? >> well, xiao qiang came out at the reform and opening. many writers came out influenced by western literature, particularly realism from south america and in mo yen's case particular influence from the american writer william faulkner and many writers came out at that time, but not many have continued their careers and sustained them into the president day and mo yan is one of only three or four who have done so and he is among them one that emphasizes his rural origin it is most in terms of subject matter and the particular sort of course rural voice he maintains in his fiction. >> brown: xiao chiang chiang, what's his status there? >> he's an acclaimed author, very popular. i left china more than 20 years, i have heard his name and read his literature back in the '80s and '90s when i was in the united states. he's also apparently embraced by the chinese state media, particularly for this receiving award event. >> brown: nail in a little b
new home at the california science center. the retired shuttle left los angeles international airport shortly after midnight, crawling along on a giant carrier. crowds gathered along the way, hoping to catch a glimpse of the spectacle. at two miles an hour, endeavour" will need two days to make the 12-mile trip. in advance, crews raised utility lines and cut down 400 trees to make way for the five-story-tall spaceship and its 78-foot wingspan. wall street has closed out a tough week, its worst since june. the dow jones industrial average managed a gain of just two points today to close at 13,328. the nasdaq fell five points to close at 3,044. for the week, the dow lost 2%; the nasdaq fell nearly 3%. those are some of the day's major stories. now, back to judy. >> woodruff: the nobel peace prize was awarded to a group of a half-billion people today; more specifically, the european union. ray suarez has the story. >> suarez: the announcement caused a stir in oslo this morning. >> the norwegian nobel committee has decided that the nobel peace prize for 2012 is to be awarded to the europe
, a professor emeritus at the university of california los angeles. wall street had a strong start to the week on news of rising retail sales and better-than- expected earnings at citigroup. the dow jones industrial average gained 95 points to close at 13,424. the nasdaq rose 20 points to close at 3064. a 14-year-old pakistani girl who was shot by a taliban gunman was flown to england today for medical treatment. we have a report from lindsey hilsum of independent television news. >> reporter: the ambulance drove slowly from birmingham airport. inside the girl was still sedated as she has been since the taliban bullet penetrated her skull. doctors from the queen elizabeth hospital who were already in pakistan have been attending to her. they believe she has a reasonable chance of recovery in the unit which has treated thousands of soldiers injured in iraq and afghanistan. she left the military hospital this morning flying to the u.k. via dubai. >> she is an inspirational example to young people. it was a cowardly attack on her and her school friends trying to retaliate for her own campaign for
for genetics and society in berkeley, california. welcome, both of you, dr. wid ra-- widra, beginning with you, on what basis did your group, your committee conclude that this shouldn't be considered experimental any more. that it works as well as using fresh eggs. >> there's been a fair amount of pressure from patients and practitioners over the last years to remove this label of experimental from egg-freezing and thank youing, but there has been very little data published comparing the technique using frozen eggs and fresh eggs and looking at the outcome of the pregnancies. in the last several years there have been studies painly out of europe but some in the the u.s. as well showing near equivalent from fresh eggs from younger woman and frozen eggs in terms of establishing pregnancies and a large series looking at the outcomes of these pregnancies, and the children seem to be doing as wells appears without reproductive technology. >> warner: yet are you limiting its applicable. you're not recommending it for all women who might want something like this. explain the limitations and why. >> s
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 75 (some duplicates have been removed)

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